Dairy&Suppliers Day 2018

For the 4th time, the Dairy&Suppliers Day 2018 put a focus on collaboration between Dairies and Suppliers. Under the theme Growing the Pie, the focus is on how the suppliers can support the dairy industry in Growing the Pie and create mutual value.
The Dairy Industry is facing quickly change in customer trends and demand, which the business has to meet as they arise. These fast changing conditions require strong collaboration skills between with the suppliers to the dairy and the dairies.
Dairy&Suppliers Day 2018 os focusing on how suppliers can support the dairy industry in Growing the Pie and create mutual value. 

The conference shows examples of improved efficiency, more-efficent stremlined processes, the meet of customer demands as they arise as well as handling costumer trends in investment plans or involve customers in co-creation.
The Conference takes place on 27th September 2018 - at Hotel Legoland Hotel & Conference, Billund (Close to Airport).

Are you a decision-maker, manager, key specialist, project leader and especially interested in improving the productivity and competitiveness as well as developing methods in B2B relationships to expand business - e.g. with a bacground as Msc. in Dairy Science and Technology or Dairy Managers and Specialist, network former and innovation cosultants - or just interessting in Growing the Pie and create value you should attend the conference. 

Suppliers to the Dairy Industry is invited to submit an abstract

Programme Committee

  • Rene Fredgaard, Ass. of Dairy Managers and Specialists
  • Kim Toft Andersen, Danish Society for Dairy Science and Technology
  • Torben Slots, Ass. of Masters in Dairy Science and Technology
  • Lise Berg Kildemark, Arla Foods
  • Anne Sofi ChristiansenMælkeritidende (Dairy Science Magazine)

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Læs mere om konferencen - som blev afholdt den 18. september 2014.