Cheese for cooking

Torsdag, 7 december, 2023
10.00 - 16.00
Hotel Legoland, Billund

The use of cheeses for cooking is rapidly expanding, cheeses are often regarded as a replacement of meat or used to improve the taste of vegetables in the green conversion of diets. Cheddar, shredded cheese, Mozzarella and Hallumi for grilling are amongst the most well-known. Other well-known Danish cheeses such as Danbo, Havarti, Fynbo, Maribo have good melting properties and could be used in cooking. Further, cheese sauce made from e.g., blue cheese is a popular choice in the kitchen.

This seminar will present an overview of topics relating to cheeses designed for cooking and deal with current production methods both traditional and new innovative ones such as IQF for cheeses including how the different technologies make significant differences for the functionality in relation to hot cooking with cheese. A market  overview will also be included in the program, looking at a market where a major part of cheeses for cooking is produced for the B2B marked, and where the private cooking also is an interesting market that requests convenient products, new products, and substitutes for meat etc.