New products - from idea to supply chain

Torsdag, 28 september, 2023
10.00 - 16.00
Hotel Legoland, Billund

New products, new processes, new packaging make collaboration and the process around new product development  extremely important in all companies. Employees at all levels in the industry may have experienced a production start-up or launch process fail in one way or another, and many companies work focused to create tools and processes to optimize “New products - from idea to supply chain”.

The seminar will deal with topics that target these challenges and the program for the seminar will include presentations about idea generation, design and development from laboratory scale, pilot plant trials, and scale-up to production. The work with test matrices, testing of products and durability tests, etc. will be addressed as well. Another subtheme is how to ensure the collaboration between the many different stakeholders who are involved in the process – especially with focus on first line managers and employees who in the end are in charge of the production launch.